S-corp vs. LLC: California Taxes

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Besides the formalities that S-corporations have to observe, there are a few other differences between S-corporations and LLCs.  One difference that will affect your bank account is how California assesses taxes.

California Taxes

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The amount of California taxes that an S-corporation will pay is based upon its net income.  An S-corporation pays the greater of $800 or 1.5% of its net income.

An LLC, on the other hand, pays $800 of California taxes and may be assessed an LLC fee based upon its revenue.  The table below shows the LLC fee for the various revenue ranges.

RevenueLLC Fee
$0 – $249,999$0
$250,000 – $499,999$900
$500,000 – $999,999$2,500
$1,000,000 – $4,999,999$6,000
$5,000,000 +$11,790

Therefore, whether an S-corporation or an LLC makes more sense for your business (based purely on the amount of taxes you will pay to California) depends on what you expect you revenues to look like compared to your net income.  Lets look at a few examples.

Example 1

You expect your business to have $600,000 of revenue but only $60,000 of net profit.  In this case, it makes more sense to operate as an S-corporation.  As an S-corporation you would be paying $900 in taxes to California ($60,000 x 1.5%).  However, as an LLC you would pay $3,300 ($800 of taxes plus a $2,500 LLC fee).

Example 2

You expect your business to have $900,000 of revenue and $300,000 of net profit.  In this example, it makes more sense to operate your business as an LLC.  As an LLC, you will be paying $3,300 to California ($800 of taxes play a $2,500 LLC fee).  However, as an S-corporation you would be paying $4,500 in California taxes ($300,000 x 1.5%).

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S corporations doing business or deriving income from in and out of California will use Schedule R to determine the income subject to tax in California.

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