We measure ourselves based upon our success in helping our clients achieve their personal and business goals. We work with our clients to help them identify obstacles and potential solutions, and to create comprehensive, flexible strategies to help our clients succeed.

We work as a team with our clients’ financial advisors and estate planning attorneys to develop a retirement and estate plan that meets our clients’ needs.

We are here to advise our business clients on major decisions throughout the life of their business such as:

  • Business entity selection;
  • Hiring employees versus independent contractors;
  • What type of retirement plan to offer;
  • How to structure the acquisiton of another business;
  • Business succession planning; and
  • How to structure the sale of the business.

Our expertise also includes providing financial forecasts to enable our clients to make the best decisions for achieving their financial goals.

We know that every person and every business has different objectives, so we work hard to ensure that our advice is tailored to the personal goals of our clients.